Ah, Spring is here….

In Uncategorized on March 9, 2010 at 8:43 am

I see that A-Rod is in hot water again, this time for his association with a Canadian doctor who is suspected of providing HGH to US athletes.  Here we go again. Although some people in baseball- because of the implementation of more stringent drug testing – have declared the Steriod Era over, the use of performance enhancing drugs (funny but doesn’t PEDs  sound like PEZ ? ) like HGH will continue to destroy the National Pastime. There is still no test for HGH and I suspect that many ballplayers who used steroids have simply switched over to HGH.  In fact, I was watching the Chisox-Cubbies Cactus League game the other day and every guy in the White Sox lineup looked like Popeye, even diminutive Omar Vizquel.   In short, one just does not know anymore if what occurs on the field is legitimate or not.  The only way to restore integrity to the game would be to impose widespread mandatory drug testing and then to issue lifetime bans to repeat offenders.  If a player knew that his livelihood was on the line, I am sure he would think very hard about using a performance enhancing supplement.  But of course MLB will never take these steps. The Players Union would have nothing to do with it and the entire season ( and all the gate receipts) would be subject to a strike and cancellation.  So this season, once again, with every home run we will wonder  “was that legit?.” Sadly, the answer will be “probably not.”


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