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Tiger Woods, paragon of hypocrisy.

In Uncategorized on April 5, 2010 at 12:05 pm

Well I see that Tiger has taken his first practice round at Augusta in preparation for the Masters which begins later this week.  As I speculated a few weeks ago, most people in the galleries this morning decided to ignore their inner moral compasses ( if they were not already broken) and cheer for Tiger.  I guess if you asked these people why they continue to support Tiger – whose extramarital sexual escapades make Eliot Spitzer and Mark Sanford look tame – they no doubt would say that he has taken responsiblity for his actions and is seeking treatment ( this is the standard apologia for moral transgressions that most American public figures resort to when they are caught with their pants down, so to speak)  And, of course, they would add that he is a great golfer.  Naturally, Tiger has admitted culpability.  That is what he had to do to salvage his career and the millions of dollars in endorsements from the corporate behemoths that have not already dropped him.  But is he genuinely remorseful ? I doubt it.  He appears just as arrogant now as ever and the message that his new goatee sends is that he still has a wild side ( an odd choice of self-expression for someone who has suffered a complete moral breakdown)   And all do all the fans in the gallery  this morning really think Tiger is going to remain faithful to his wife and spurn the legions of cheap women who want to hook up with him and sell their story to The National Enquirer ?  Probably not. But they cheered him anyway. I wonder what Arnold Palmer thinks of all of this ?


Tiger Woods and the new morality in American sports.

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Well, it is no surprise that Tiger Woods has announced that he will participate in this years Masters.  In fact, Tiger’s break from golf was very disingenuous coming as it did in golf’s offseason; to this point Tiger has missed only 3 “minor” tournaments. I think we knew all along that he would be back for the Masters because it just seems like the, pre-packaged made for TV sports “comeback”  that we have come to expect from the major networks. It doesn’t matter that Tiger was absent not because of a torn fibula or rotator cuff but  because he had been caught cheating on his wife with a parade of busty bimbos and was too ashamed to appear in public.  And what will the reaction of the galleries  be ?  I wouldn’t be surprised if everyone at Augusta cheered Tiger just as Dodger fans cheered Manny Ramirez upon his return last year after a 50 game suspension for steroid use. The plain fact is that athletes nowadays are not held to very high standards. An athlete can do something disgraceful, such as Marion Jones, or act with complete hypocrisy, such as Tiger,  but as long as they have not lost their game people will cheer for them.  In all honesty, athletes have always been given a break. When incidents of supposed domestic violence in Willie Mays’s marriage were reported  in the San Francisco papers in 1961 no one really cared – according to James Hirsch in his new biography of Mays.  But there was nevertheless a moral code which, if transgressed, made it difficult for a player to continue to compete in the public arena.  A good example is Fritz Peterson and Mike Kekich who in the mid 1970s swapped wives – and eventually their entire families – and were subsequently booed in every city they played in.  Both were out of baseball in a matter of a few years despite promising careers.  The Tiger Woods scandal has had all the sleazy headlines of the Kekich-Peterson affair and Tiger for his hypocrisy should hear thunderous and incessant jeers upon his return. But this will not happen. because people, as I said, just don’t care anymore.