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Tough guys don’t have tattoos

In Uncategorized on January 31, 2012 at 3:08 am

Well, the Super Bowl is next week and I must admit that I am looking forward to it – simply because I like the idea of a New York team beating a Boston team. But I really have no interest anymore in professional football as several of my blog posts have made clear. Last weeks Giants-49ers game was a case in point why have I lost interest in professional football. At the onset of OT the head referee explained the new the new OT rules to the captains at mid-field. But the rules were so complicated and the referee’s explication so labyrinthine that I don’t think anyone, not the players on the field, nor anyone watching at home understood him. I certainly didn’t understand him. In fact, all I understood was the part at the end where he asked, “heads or tails?” It was a comic performance by the NFL. The days of “Gentlemen, the first team that scores wins the contest” are officially over.

At one point during the OT the FOX camera panned the 49er bench where four linemen were resting during a Giants possession. Each player had tattoos that ran the length of his arms. I could not see any ectodermal tissue that was not covered in ink. It is as if tattoos are now part of the unwritten uniform code in the NFL (and the NBA I would add). And the code says that linemen should have more tattoos than QBs and receivers – for that is the impression I got while watching the game. Nowadays tattoos symbolize toughness. Funny but in my book it is just the opposite. The truly tough guys in the NFL were those who played a generation or two ago and who simply donned a uniform and a few pads. They didn’t need tattoos to prove they were tough. They just showed up, broke their share of bones against other tough guys and collected a paycheck every couple of weeks. Those days are long gone.


Enjoy the game !


If it ain’t broke, fix it anyway.

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I was keeping one eye on the score of the Broncos- Steelers game today as I was working on my computer. Not that I am particularly interested in the NFL anymore. In fact, I have not watched a game all year. But I am a lifelong sports fan. What can I say. A few minutes after the game had ended I saw a clip of the winning TD catch in OT and heard CBS broadcaster Jim Nance refer to a new rule change which stipulates that in the playoffs a team on its first possession in OT has to score a TD in order to win the game. Taking the ball the length of the field to settle for a game winning FG is no longer allowed. Since I rarely watch the NFL anymore I had heard nothing about this change (which applies to the playoffs only) and I was predictably aghast. I read the game recap where the explanation of the new rule was provided. In addition to the rule that says a team must score a TD on their first possession, another new rule guarantees each team at least one possession in OT. In other words, sudden death overtime is now sudden death overtime with qualifiers.

The new rule dilutes the considerable drama that is synomous with overtime in professional football. One of the more exciting things in sports is to watch a team drive down the field in OT to get into field goal position. What is more American than a field goal to win a football game. But now some field goals are not allowed. Go figure. There is no justification for this rule change whatsoever. It is just a blatant attempt by the NFL to lengthen games so they can sell more advertising during the period when most fans, including myself, tune in: the playoffs.

But the NFL is just following every other institution in America in which tradition is considered boring and where the mis-guided powers that be see a need to change the product or watch it die (what they perceive will happen). Sports is now just like every other consumer product in the US. It has a life cycle.

Still you wish they would leave some things alone. Like sudden death overtime.

The Super Bowl: A monument to American (bad) taste

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The Super Bowl was last weekend. I watched the game and cringed at the halftime show, as I suspect did many others of my generation who grew up when the halftime show at the Super Bowl was a marching band-and nothing else. This year’s halftime show was a cross between Disney on Ice and a Kiss concert. The word that comes to mind is gross.

Say what you will, but the Super Bowl has quite simply become a MONUMENTAL monument to American bad taste. If the Super Bowl were personified it would be Jerry Seinfeld’s father, overweight, vulgar, loud, brazen and in-your-face. Hagar slacks and white belt to boot.

And it just seems to get bigger – and worse – every year. In fact, the game nowadays seems secondary to the garish, pyro-spectacular halftime show that we have to sit through while we wait for the 3rd Quarter to start. I often wonder how the older football fans – people of my father’s generation, who grew up on a steady diet of Glenn Miller and Count Basie – must react to the invasion of rock and roll into American professional football ? And how insufferable it must be to actually be there ! ( at least if you are watching on TV you can get up and go get something from the fridge). Moreover, this year we not only had to endure a bad halftime show but a scandalously rendered national anthem as well. No one talked about the game on Monday, but instead the headlines were about Christine Aguilera’s “performance” during the National Anthem. Even if she had not botched the lyrics, her rendition was enough to make one reach for the remote. For such is the Super Bowl nowadays.

And they want American Democracy in Egypt ?